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Rear fog light


WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car.
Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when
it comes tools that use electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!


I was driving home in the dense fog, barley making out the car's taillights in front of me. I thought to myself, why don?t all USDM cars have a rear fog light? I really couldn?t see the car's taillights and I didn?t like that. So after pondering the thought I went ahead and converted the inner driver rear brake light to a fog light, just like many European cars.

Here is how to wire it to the driver inner brake light keeping the stock function of the brake light when the fog light is off:

Cut the stock brake light wire, it?s red with a green stripe. Connect the light bulb side to pin 30 on the relay. Then connect the side that comes from the brake switch to pin 87a of the relay. Then splice into, BUT DO NOT CUT, the parking light wire, it?s a red with a blue stripe. Connect it to pins 86 and 87 of the relay. Then run a wire and from pin 85 up to a switch, mine is at the dash, which connects to ground.

The extra wire not connected is the brake switch wire and connects to the center (87a) pin.

It?s a safety thing and should only be used in poor visibility. I bet this winter it will come in handy.

I?m sure most of you?re not going to like it, but oh well. It will set me apart from the rest.