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Redline Goods Leather boots install


1) Remove the shift knob (unscrews counter clockwise), pull up the shifter trim starting form the rear. There are 4 clips total. Finally unplug the 12-volt ACC outlet.
2) Take the old boot out of the shifter trim. Notice the stock boot has a ring, rubber band, and spacer/shaper thing. I didn't use them with the new boot.

3) Cut the bottom of the old boot, with a razor blade, to get the wire ring out.

4) Cut the wire ring anywhere; I chose the original tack weld. I cut a tiny piece out, because the butt connector took up a bit of space.

5) I sanded the wire because it was rusty. Not for looks since you cannot see it, but for ease of sliding the wire through the boot. Go ahead and thread the wire through the boot.

6) I used a butt connector to put the ring back together. It was not fun trying to crimp it though because there is not much room. I had the wire splice moved to a corner of the boot and crimped it the best I could, then pushed the ring around till I liked where it was.

7) That is it! Now you can reinstall in the reverse.

I pulled the boot up a bit over my shift knob. I think it looks really nice. Other wise the boot opening is too large and looks funny. You may be able to use the stock ring, rubber band, and spacer thing and make it look fine but I chose not to. Also my shift trim is rather beat up. It is broken in one place and the front and rear boot holder grooves are broken. I still got a good fit, and an unbroken one may need some fooling around with too. This is because the new boot is thicker and will not fit the grooves as well. Should not be too hard though.


If you bought the matching E brake boot, and I hope you did, here is what to do.

1) Start with step 1 from above.
2) Using a Phillips screwdriver unscrew the one screw holding in the ashtray and remove it. There is 1 more clip holding it in on the right side, open it up and pull it out, then unplug it.
3) There are 2 screws to remove from the front of the center console; they connect to the dash. Then there are 2 more screws holding the rear of the console to the floor. You may have to move the front seats forward to see them. Unscrew them.
4) Pull the E brake up and unsnap the stock boot. Pull the whole console up, unplug the heated seat switched if need be.
5) Remove the boot from the console.

6) Follow steps 3 through 6 from above.
7) I found that the boot didn't fit the console like the old one because it is thicker; just like the shifter boot. I cut the console a bit where the boot sits. There are 2 channels that the long sides of the boot sit into. I cut them so they are flat now, like tabs. This doesn't hurt anything and you cannot see it.

8) Now the boot fits great! So install it.
9) Installation is the same as disassembly, well just in reverse.

It is not a bad idea to clean everything while it is apart. I know my center console was dirty. You can also use you favorite leather cleaner now on your REAL leather boots!



Looks sweet!

Don't mind the dirty interior!

The look is great, the fit is nice, quality rocks, and the price was perfect. I have bought from them before and they have satisfied me both times. The other purchase was just an E brake boot for the 96 and the only think I don't like is the hole the handle sticks out of is rather large. It looks like a very loose fit. But it poses no problems. Shipping comes from Poland, and doesn't take too long at all. Comes in a bubble wrapped envelope. No matter how you slice it I would go back for more anytime. I suggest you take a look at their products, they do have more than just Maxima boots.

Here is the 96 E brake boot:

Tell me about any problems/ mistakes in my write up. I should get some more pix of the center console removal, but who knows. Any other questions just ask!