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RedlineGoods is a long-time producer of genuine, top grade Italian leather shifter and emergency brake boots for the Nissan Maxima. These are available for the 89-94, 95-99 and 00-03 year models.

These are not generic boots - they are custom made for your car and have the same shape as stock!! Also, they are not vinyl ones - most distributors offer cheap vinyl boots that will peel out and crack very soon!! offers ONLY Genuine italian cowhide leather boots!

Great for your own car and a great present for every owner! You will make your family member or loved one very happy with this interior upgrade... At such a good price, it's a real bargain!..

The leather is much thicker than the stock vinyl, which makes them form much nicer and gives you a great feel. They are great to look at, very neat to touch and definitely add style and identity to your interior.

The shape is an exact copy of the OEM boots, including all details. They will fit like OEM (just drop them right into your stock mounting location!) but look WAY BETTER! Plus, they WILL NOT peel off like we all know the OEM and vinyl aftermarket boots do!

There are many colors of leather and thread avaliable. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for that!

Also please note the custom made e-brake covers which did not exist for the 89-94 and 00+ before now and, also devised by RedlineGoods exclusively, the 95-99 armrest cover!

Please take a look at these pictures:

02-03 (6spd)

00-01 (5spd)



It will only take you about 1 hour to install them. A detailed installation instruction will be provided with the purchase!

You WILL receive Awesome customer service along with your boots. It is my business policy to answer all emails within 1 business day and to ship all boots within 3 business days - guaranteed!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
Maciek from