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RedlineMax Product Review

RedlineMax says on their website, " strives to be the premier source of aftermarket products for the Nissan Maxima. offers a selection of unique styling products for Nissan Maxima enthusiasts at affordable prices.".

We would like to see how well these unique styling products fit to par with the styling cues of our "Project Maxima". We are going to display Chrome I30 Inner Handles from Redlinemax as ange was generous enough to provide us with them. Enter and See how it went.

As a promotional advertisement RedlineMax had sent us "Chrome Inner Door Lock/Handles" to add to our Project Maxima for Review on Well, today we came home and found a nice surprise at our door at a very prompt 3-4 business days when they confirmed they were shipping it out! Packed very nicely, delivered courtesy of UPS Shipping.


As we inspected the inner contains of the package we found it to be in very nice shape, nice and clean.


  • Chrome Inner Door Lock/Handle


Stock Black Int. Maxima Handles: 1995 Nissan Maxima


Start out by opening your front driver-side door to begin. At the very bottom of the door you will find to Philips head screws that you will need to unfasten. Once you've unfastened them, move up to the window switch panel and with a flat head screw driver and a cloth pry the front end of the switch from the door, be very careful not to crease the door or damage the switch plate. once you've successfully remove the front portion, pull it up and towards front of the car, and disconnect the power plug from underneath. Locate inside the door-pull a cover which you need to remove with a flat-head or the tip of your finger, once the cover is removed unscrew the Philips screw and set them aside. Remove the door puller from the door by pulling it straight up and out of place. Move to the door handle area, where you will need to wedge a flat head screw driver with cloth in the front portion of the cover and pry from the bottom front most area to the top front most area until it pops out of place. Once the front is protruding out, pull the door handle towards you, push the cover towards the rear of the door and outward.

Once you've got that taken care of, its time to pull the door cover out of its place. Do so by taking either side of the door panel and pulling gently but firmly until you hear the clips of the door panel pop and you are able to lift the door panel out of its slot between the window and door frame. Disconnect the trunk popping power plug and door light plug and set the panel aside. Now its time to remove those ugly handles and put the new set it. To do so, you unscrew the brass Philips screw from the center of the assembly (shown in red) and take the assembly in hand and push towards the rear of the door and it should slide out of place. Take a look in the rear of the assembly at the lower corner to find a rubber washer of some sort and remove it to allow easier removal of the handles. You can either twist the assembly and pull out the two rods out to replace the assembly or use other tactics to get them out. To reassemble just use the steps in reverse order and reinstall the door panel.


These new I30 Chrome Handles have drastically changed the interior of our Project Maxima for the better. I must say that even for such a little change, they are very much appreciated as a cosmetic modification. The comments are regularly noted once we pull up to a local gathering and demonstrate the perfect contrast of black and silver to our fellow enthusiasts. We congratulate you Ange for bring us yet again a new way of improving the style and feel of our Nissan Maxima. Thank you again Angela of, and we wish more satisfied customers as us.

Finished Product:

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