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In this sessions Product Review we test out the latest in interior modification, RedlineMax's -- "EL Glow Aluminum Doorsills". strives to be the premier source of aftermarket products for the Nissan Maxima. RedlineMax offers a selection of unique styling products for Nissan Maxima enthusiasts at affordable prices. RedlineMax is also excited to offer top quality and exclusive accessories for Maxima enthusiasts......

First off, what are Doorsills? Doorsills better known as Kick plates are located in between the door assembly and the body of the car. When you enter and exit the vehicle these flat black or flat beige colored panels (dependant on the interior of your vehicle) go very unnoticed to the average maxima owner. RedlineMax has come up with a Stainless Steel finished kick plate which not only catches your eye on entry and exit but also illuminates the surrounding area for the late night trips to the store. The most eye catching piece of this product is that the letters C-E-F-I-R-O is what is being illuminated. Cefiro, the JDM title for the Nissan Maxima product also known as the I30 in the States, as the higher end model of the Nissan Maxima....


Contents of Package:

  • Installation Guide
  • 4 EL Doorsills(2 front, 2 rear)
  • Wiring Kit

Stock Doorsills: 1995 Nissan Maxima (Black Interior)


Using a flathead screw driver begin prying the factory doorsills from their placeholders, it will create several snapping sounds as the clips are being dislodged from their places. You will be left with an exposed door frame with the edge of the floor mats showing face. Take your factory doorsills to your working area being sure it is well ventilated for the next procedure.

Clean up your factory doorsill face as to remove any dirt or contaminates making adhesion of the EL doorsill difficult to impossible. Using a cotton swab apply the supplied adhesion promoter along the edges of the factory doorsill making sure to cover the surfaces where the adhesive backing of your EL will sit. Allow 5-10 minutes for the promoter to take effect and begin peeling the red tape off of the adhesive backing and place the doorsill evenly on top of your factory doorsill. Press firmly along the edges to ensure proper adhesion to the factory doorsill as you will not be able to repeat the process later if fault occurs. Now that you have successfully done this, you may now replace the door sills in their locations in your Maxima.


To allow your EL's to illuminate when the door is opened, you need to tap into an existing wiring harness that only activates when the door switch is opened. Choosing which wires you want to tap into is your choice, I choice to use the door light as my power source. To do so there are positive and negative contacts in the rear of the assembly. You will need additional 24AWG wiring to reach the rear of that assembly so choice wisely.


These doorsills improve both the interior styling and illumination of your Nissan Maxima. It can also gain points if you are a participant in the car show scene. really appreciates Ange at in her efforts to bring these unique products to the scene. Do yourself a favor a pick up a set today.

Finished Product:

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