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Remove rear Speakers


WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car.
Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when
it comes tools that use electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!

Tools needed: Metric wrench set (10mm), Phillips head screwdriver, pliers.

Instructions written by Luke DeGraff
Lost Images now Provided by PerformanceIX

Begin by pulling on the 2 tabs located on the bottom of the cushion.

Here is another shot of the tab. Simply pull on the tabs, lift up, and the seat should come right out.

Here is a shot of the tab with the seat removed.

When the bottom of the seat is removed, 2 bolts or 2screws (depending on year of car) are revealed on each side of the seat.

Here is the shot of the underneath the seat, I don't think you have to unbolt these to get the seat out, but I removed them just incase.

There are 2 bolts inside the armrest. Remove these and the seat will come out.

Once the seat is off, the rear deck needs to be removed. To get it off, remove the side panels by the rear passenger windows that hold the rear deck down. Both panels are tough to get off, so pull hard.

A close-up shot of the panel removed. Be careful when removing the panel because the seat belt thing is sensitive to pressure. Be careful not to break it!

Make sure to disconnect the rear brake light connector before removing the rear deck. The rear brake connector harness is connected to the rear third brake light. To get to it, just pull the rear third brake lamp TOWARDS you and twist left or right to remove from the bracket. Disconnect bulb harness, and pull upwards a little bit and you should have access to the harness.

From inside the trunk, push these pins up (use pliers if necessary), and the deck should come out.

Here is a shot of the back without the seat, panels, and the deck.

To remove the speaker from the car there are 4 three Phillips screws and disconnect the amp (if equipped with Bose).

Here is a shot of the power plug for the amp (if equipped with Bose)

Shot of the speakers removed from the car.