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Remove Your Tail Lights


Just a quick write-up on Tail Light Removal

As always be careful and take your time. I am not responsible if you damage anything.

1. Remove the carpet lining. This involves removing several "push pin" things. It's pretty straight forward if you look at it.

2. Remove the wire holder clips from the bolts:

3. Remove the 2 8mm nuts:

Once removed, shift the light out a little from that side

4. Carefully place a dulled (I have one that I rounded from the front for things like this) flat-head screwdriver in a towel or cloth. Wedge that near the clamping points on the light. There are two. The pictures below show the clamping pints from inside so you get an idea of where they are. There was enough space for me to get the screwdriver in and pull back while also pulling the light with my other hand. (Having someone to help pull the light is great too).

These are pins you are trying to loosen out

Here is where they go into the body

My passenger side light came off real easy but the driver side took some more effort. Don't just wedge the screwdriver in one spot and pull. Keep creating a little space then wedge the screwdriver at a higher or lower spot and slowly loosen out the light.

5. Pull the light out and rest it in the empty space

6. Remove and replace the bulbs you want. (no pictures - very straightforward)

7. When replacing the light make sure to slide the guide at the corner of the light on the the pin. Here are pictures for clarification.