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Replacing Headlight Bulbs


Supplies Need:
Bulb No. 9004 Wattage 65/45 -- If using higher wattage, a wiring harness is needed to keep from melting. Available at SouthWestAutoworks


High pressure Halogen gas is sealed inside the Halogen bulb. The bulb may break if the glass envelope is scratched or the bulb is dropped. Hold the plastic base when handling the bulb. Never Touch the Glass envelope.

  1. Disconnect the battery negative cable.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector from the rear end of the bulb.
  3. Turn the bulb retaining ring counterclockwise until it is free from the headlight reflector, then remove it.
  4. Remove the headlight bulb. Do not shake or rotate the bulb when removing it.
  5. Insert the bulb into the headlight reflector with the flat side of the plastic base facing upward.
  6. Install the bulb retaining ring and turn it clockwise until it stops.
  7. Push the electrical connector into the bulb plastic base until it snaps and stops