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Replacing your starter


Replacing a busted starter is actually simple, especially if you have already modified your intake system and have removed the bulky stock intake system. If not, can still do it! Obviously, there'll be more work to do.

1. DISCONNECT THE BATTERY The starter is directly connected to it! Do not do anything else until you have done this. The sparks show you cause will not be worth the injury to you or your car's electronics...

2. If you still have the stock intake system, remove it now. Just locate the screws/bolts that are holding it in place. Intake systems vary from year to year. The pieces are mostly made of plastic and the bolts are not so tight that you'd need air tools. You won't need to remove all of it.

3. Once you see the starter, disconnect the wires coming from the battery and the connector.

4. Unscrew the two bolts and pull the old starter out.

5. Put in the new starter and torque the bolts to spec.

6. Reconnect the wires.

7. Reassemble the intake system. (Or better yet, install a new intake system!)

8. Start your engine!