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RVM Racing - Nissan Maxima 1995-2002 Lightened Underdrive Crank Pulley

The Pulley is both Oversized to Under-Drive the stock accessory pulley?s and severely lightened for a maximum HP gain. This upgrade that has no downsides, no extra noise, no riding harshness, all you gain is Horsepower. Gains of 6-8 HP at the wheels can be easily measured on Normally Aspirated cars and as much as 7-16 HP at the wheels on Turbocharged Cars. Our Main Crankshaft Pulley?s are easily compatible with other manufacturers Power Steering and Air Conditioner Lightened Pulley Replacements as well. On an Accord V6 we got 10.6HP, and on a Non Turbo 300ZX we got 12.6HP at the wheels. We estimate Maxima Owners to gain just as much if not more.


Pulley includes fully detailed Step-by-Step Installation Instructions, as well as the full listing of new belt sizes needed to work with the new pulley.

Exact Weight of Pulley : 1.7 lbs