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Skyline Tail lights (Altezza Modifications)


Things you need to BUY:
-spray Paint & clear coat & primer from *tricoat if needed*
-some type of Circle shape that will cover up the red spots in the altezzas
-Goof Off or Goo Gone product *Home Depot*

1. View your altezzas and enjoy it while it last.

2. With the circle shape (I took bowls and matched them up on the altezzas
and then draw the shape on a paper. I taped the front side so it doesn't
absorb the paint in. Then taped them to the altezzas making sure no paint
will go through.) put it on the altezza lights.
*note*: I didn't cover up the sidemarker because I didn't need them
You may cover them if you want to.
3. Spray a thin layer or two of the primer. Try to get a primer that is
close to your car color. Let it dry.
4. Use the paint you got from and spray them layer by layer.
Best is to put a thin layer on, come back in 10 minutes, put another thin layer.
And repeat this step till you have the whole thing covered.
Try putting about 10 layers on.

5. Wait till it dries... Let it dry for about 3 hours.
6. Clear coat *or tri coat if you needed* with layers. about 4-8?
Whatever floats your boat.
7. Let it dry for an hour or so... after it is dry, CAREFULLY take off
the circle thing that you used. you don't want hand marks on that thing...
8. You will see some parts that you painted that you don't want. Simply wipe
them off with Goof Off product. Do not use too much of it, it will leave
little marks. Don't try to make it too perfect or it will look stupid at
the end.

9. Go outside and clear coat the WHOLE THING and it will leave you one shiny
skyline's ass!!

Now to install them

^^ good luck with it!!!

finished product!


Originator of this Style Tails Pic...