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Smoked Bumper Lights


First you need to have a pair of bumper lens'. You can use either the clear ones or you orange ones. If you want to only put a light coat then you have to purchase clear bumper lens' as well as amber bulbs. If you want it nice and dark then it doesn't matter which ones you use. Once your set on that, all you need to purchase is the lens paint. I bought mine from for about $20 shipped. Its called something like "smoke tail lamp spray". It comes in a small aerosol can. After the can arrives the actual job will take no longer than 10 min but with drying it might take about 30-40min.



  1. Lay down a piece of cloth or tarp to prep for painting in a garage or an area that is preferably not dusty and not windy.
  2. Remove bumper lens' and wash the outer lens to ensure a clean surface.
  3. Place the lens on the tarp keeping each part of the lens somewhat away from each other
  4. Begin to apply lens paint. Spray each lens evenly keeping the can about 1ft away from intended spray point.
    *** If you want only a light coat then you have to spray in fairly fast strokes to avoid uneven looks and darkening.
  5. To make sure it is nice and dark take strokes at a leisure pace and go over areas evenly about 2 times.
  6. Let the lens dry until they are smooth to the touch.
    *Side note: The paint already has clear coat in it so there is no need to add it after it dries, it should come out just as glossy as you paint.


  7. If you still feel it is not dark enough repeat steps 4,5,6 until desired looks is
    attained. Make sure to allow lens to dry between steps.