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Stone Racing Headers now avaliable

That is right, you havent read that wrong.. They are avaliable and ready to sell! Stone Racing out of the UK has just developed this header system for the 95-99 Nissan Maxima. They are a set of Short headers, which plug in just before the Y-pipe leading out from the cylinders. These are a custom made setup so their should be a downpipe application ready to be produced shortly after.Dyno and track settings havent been made yet, but only time will tell what these things are capable of (25FWHP -- Acura CL-S), which isnt to say that you should expect that much of a gain.

Installation as usual with exhaust parts on FWD cars will be quite difficult but with a friend to help along it should be a joyess event once its complete. The internal diameter of the pipes in the primaries of the headers are 1 5/8" which should be sufficient to expell all those exhaust gases out of the engine as quick as possible.These headers are set to be produced for both the Automatic and Manual transmission applications which should give equal advantage.


It is also advised that the ECU be reset as per usual procedure with installing modifications to the cars Air Intake/Exhaust system. Price is set to be below $499 for the set.