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Sunroof Memory Reset


Memory Reset Procedure
If the battery is disconnected or the sunroof motor harness connector is disconnected, the slide switch will become inoperable and the sunroof motor memory must be reset. To reset the sunroof motor memory from any sunroof position (full open, partially open, partially vented, and vented) repeatedly push the sunroof tilt switch to the forward (CLOSE) position until the sunroof is fully closed. Finally, push and hold the tilt switch forward (CLOSE) for more than 2 seconds to re-establish the motor preset position. The sunroof should now operate normally.

Initialization procedure
If the sunroof does not close or open automatically, use the following procedure to return sunroof operation to normal.
1. If the sunroof is open, push and hold the tilting switch toward the tilt down position until the lid is fully closed. If the sunroof is already closed, perform step 2.
2.Push the tilting switch toward the tilt up position for more than 1 second.