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Sunroof Service Procedure


The sunroof rebuild kit costs about $43 (which it seems that the dealerships are trying to make a killing on unsuspecting Maxima owners charging anywhere from $500 on up over $1000 to do what I did I'd say this is a $150 job at the most).

Here are the pics:

At this point, everything needs to come out of the roof including the lining. The rear seat, the plastic covers for all of the pillars, visors, the rear view mirror, the 3 interior handles and the interior lights were removed to drop the roof liner.

We unbolted the sunroof track from the roof of the car. This is all straight forward when you remove it.

The next pic shows the bolts that need to be loosened to remove the glass from the track. There are plastic covers that need to be removed that hid the bolts. This goes for both sides.

My cousin Dave preparing the track for disassembly.

There are brass fittings at the end of the track that need to be removed in order to slide the broken tracks off. Chances are if your sunroof doesn't move properly, your tracks my look like this...

The first of the 3 pics show that damaged tracks. The cables are disconnected from them. The last pic shows the old against the new.

When we removed the old tracks , the cables were still stuck inside of their guides. We used the new cables to push them out. There is much more to be explained on this part of the job because after the new tracks go in, you will need to put the track back up into the car (with the sunroof glass bolted back onto the tracks) to see if the glass is flush with the roof when in closed position. Before this is done, everything will need to be in position as if the sunroof is closed. We must have pulled the sunroof out like 10 times to get the sunroof's height correct.

If everything goes right, the roof should fit back in like this....

You will need to adjust the height after test fitting the sunroof to the roof.

The rest of the pics show us getting the car back together and showing the end results of the sunroof's movement and open/closed position. We were very happy with the results.

The kit from Clay Nissan: