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Valve Body Install


As with anything else, use common sense when working on your vehicle. I am not responsible for anything you mess up your car during installation. This page was set up to help with installation, nothing more.


Before you start taking things apart, make sure you have a clean environment to work in. Make sure you clean everything as well as possible using brake cleaner. Keep dirt and debris away from the Tranny once it's opened up.

Step One: Let the car cool. Transmission fluid can burn you if you don't allow proper time to cool.

Step Two: Raise the car and drain the transmission fluid. There should be about four quarts.

Step Three: Remove the Tranny pan bolts. More fluid will be in the bottom of the pan.

Step Four: Remove the wire harness clip. It's located on the front left side of the transmission. Remove the clip and push the plastic plug into the Tranny. This will give you slack in the wiring inside the transmission.

Step Five: Pay attention to the location of the shift linkage. Make sure that when you install the new VB that this linkage is sitting correctly or you will have to remove the VB to get it right. Basically a pain in the ass.

Step Six: Remove only the bolts identified in the picture below. Once the bolts are removed, the only thing holding the VB in is the wiring harness. So make sure you have a way to hold it up. Once it's free, more fluid will drain.

Step Seven: There is a spring which sits right above the VB. When lowering the VB pay attention to it's location so you can put it back when reinstalling it.

Step Eight: Remove the four solenoids from the VB. There are four bolts securing it to the VB. Once you get the bolts removed, the solenoids will slide out. They fit pretty tight.

Step Nine: Remove the single solenoid. There is one bolt securing it to the VB.

Step Ten: Before reinstalling the new VB, clean everything with brake cleaner. There are two magnets located on the bottom of the Tranny pan. The will have fine metal shavings on them. Remove them and clean them as best you can.

You now have the VB out of the Tranny. Congrats.

- Reinstall everything in reverse order of removing.
- Once everything is bolted back up, fill Tranny with five quarts of ATF. You will need more but this is a start.
- Start the car and let the Tranny warm up.
- Run the Tranny through all gears and make sure everything moves smoothly.
- Check the level of the fluid and add more fluid as needed.

There you go. Take it for a drive.