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Variable-Intake Runner Length Manifold Kit

This product has been raved over at for quite some time now as it being only avaliable through importing from Australia and the like. Only recently has CourtesyNissan picked up on this hot selling item and jumped the gun and has bought these systems in bulk as to try to sell them at a more reasonable price.

Courtesy states on their website, "This kit consists of Genuine Nissan parts not available in the United States. This kit is designed for professional installation only, and includes only the Genuine Nissan parts required for installation. Additional parts will be required, that will not be provided by Courtesy Nissan. We cannot help you with installation of this kit, sorry. There is NO warranty for this kit. Several of our customers have reported DYNO-proven results of 30+ Peak HP gains to the wheels with this manifold system. If you are not familiar with this kit, do not install it or purchase it until you find more information". Here is where the information comes into play.

The MEVI, as its called on standing for "Middle Eastern Variable Intake" which it actually is deriving from its foreign brother the "Nissan Cefiro", as we would see it in the States as an "Infiniti I30". What makes it so special is that "The MEVI is a dual-plenum intake. The main difference is that the MEVI's second set of butterfly valves do not flow more air than the stock type - they just open apatchway to the secondary plenum which utilises the Dynamic Supercharging effect". That being said, both N/A and Boosted Maxima owners can benefit from the increased power range. Coupled with a raised 7200 RPM redline from a JWT ECU the maxima would become unstoppable! For more information seek the links below:


Additional Items need for install that Courtesy wont provide:

Installation Procedures:


Photo: Courtesy Nissan