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Variable Intermittent Wiper


I hope it is of use to some of you thinking about swapping out your "standard" wiper switch for a variable intermittent wiper switch (standard on GLEs; included in GXE's and SE's S&C package).

My 97 SE 5sp is a stripper. It does not have the variable intermittent wiper which is available only in the SE Security and Convenience package. I did it for several reasons:
1. The "standard" wiper looks like something from a Kia parts bin, whereas the variable intermittent wiper switch matches the shape of the "combo" switch and is more aesthetically pleasing.
2. I truly miss not having the feature of a variable intermittent wiper.
3. Its a simple and relatively cheap "mod"

I did the swap in about 10 minutes. It is a direct swap. You don't have to mess with any relays, fuses, etc.

Here are the simple steps to swap out the standard wiper switch with a variable intermittent wiper switch:

1. Remove lower dash cover (held by 2 screws on each bottom corner, and snap-in clips across the top edge of the cover)
2. Remove metal knee bolster (held by 2 10mm screws)
3. Remove steering column cover (Held by 6 philips screws; 4 in front and 2 in the back)
4. You will expose the column switches. The wiper switch is held by two gold-colored screws. Remove the screws and slide out the wiper switch (direction indicated by the blue arrow).

5. Unclip wiring harness.

6. Install wiring harness onto new wiper switch
Install is reverse of removal.

Finish Product:

Note that if your Max is a 97-99 you MUST source a wiper switch from a 97-99. The pin outs are different. (Same goes for 95-96 Maximas).