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VQ30DE Performance Cams Now Available!

Jim Wolf Technologies has developed for the 1995-2001 Maxima/I30 VQ30DE engine are FINALLY available. Supply is still very limited, but we'll have a couple sets in stock, ready to ship early this coming week.

JWT really took a long time getting these right, but used their very sophisticated software to do the design work. The cams are the missing link for opening up this engine. Even forcing air into it has limitations until the cam profiles are taken care of -- now that issue is solved.

Cams are one of the most "serious" modifications you can make to the car, i.e. they're not something that you add just to have. Cams are an enabling modification, i.e. they let the car use whatever fuel its getting, coupled with the flow efficientcy of the engine, to a greater potential as they move the power peak up the rpm range. The amount of power the engine will ultimately make is largely a function of the other modifications to the engine.

Since most people putting in cams have made other significant engine modifications, I strongly advise installing the heavy duty springs and retainer set (below): Specifications: .415" lift and 256 degrees dwell; these are billet Nissan cams, not regrinds. JWT Cam (set of 4) + JWT Spring/retainer set price (set of 24) the official word from JWT is that on the stock ECU, you can rev the engine to 6600rpm and run their cams safely. No guarantee though, of course. With the JWT ECU upgrade (or for those of you that love to tinker with G-Force or other boosted ECUs), you can rev the engine to 7700rpm, but that would require that YOU BUY THE UPGRADED SPRINGS/RETAINERS. I'd recommend it too. Heavier springs and retainers when reving the engine so damned high. Otherwise...consequences are too scary to contemplate...

Note this, however, the idle is not significantly affected by the cams. It would be good to have the benefits of one ECU upgrade, but absolutely not necessary to make the car run at idle.

-Cattman Performance


Pictures and dyno results should be posted as new information is gained...