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Wesley (Car of the Month July 2006)


Not only does this Exhibit of a Maxima speak class, but also of refinement.... Read on to see what I mean.


  • Active Tuning Grounding Kit
  • Fujita CAI
  • SWA Under Drive Pulley
  • Custom Enterprise Y-Pipe


  • Rays 19 inch wheels (G35 coupe)
  • Cattman springs up front (rear springs caused rubbing with new wheels)
  • Cattman Rear Strut Bar
  • Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace

  • Tint 25% rear & 35% front
  • Batman returns emblem etched in glass of rear doors
  • Side marker overlays
  • Eyelids
  • Yellow HID fogs
  • Tinted tail and corner lights
  • RedlineMax signature grille





  • Carputer
  • Reverse camera.
  • Prestige Satellite enabled alarm and remote start
  • Complete interior LED swap

Maxima of the Month