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William (Car of the Month Nov 2002)

This 3rd generation maxima is quite frankly one of the cleanest I have seen, it features a bit of upgrades and the new styling line's look lovely on this car
I wish most maxima owners would make it this clean. Great Job Will, read on..

Engine Performance


These are pictures of my APC Pop Charger


Wheels, Tires & Brakes

Pic of my new rims and tires

Brakes Painted on 8-16-02 to a nice shade of blue


Eye Brows, Side Marker lights, Side Molding's removed (not shown in pic), Custom mesh grill, Stillen lip, LED Washer, Brakes Painted



These are my new Se Gauges!

Notice my new SE Gauges, Radar, and Razo Pedals, and styling Audio

I have a charcoal color interior I don't see many white maxima's with this interior.



And here are pictures of My New 2 12" 750watt Audiopipe subwoofers, 800watt Performance Teknique Amp And Pyle Capacitor

Plans for the Future

Im Planing on getting the full stillen aero kit or the custom kit that might get made and the Sprint lowering spring with Tokico shocks and im getting a 61" touring wing from NOPI.

The modding will continue...


Maxima of the Month