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XtremeRaceCars is a company geared to making fast things extremely fast, from Full Tube Race Chassis' draggers to Complete custom fabrications. What they have come up with in the recent year is something of great delight and concern, that is a Full race ready Pro Modified Nissan 350Z. Not only have they pushed the Nissan 350z into a new league of racing, but have now created such a technological break through to the potential that is within a VQ-Series Powerplant. "We have made over 1800hp reliably on the VQ engine with twin Garrett GT4088R turbo's. This was done on a Gasoline (C16) not alcohol." - XRC....

This is not to leave out Performance Motorsports for their Pro RWD Twin Turbo 350z which has gotten them a blistering 6.63@215mph.


There have been many a parts which have been broken throughout the development phase of this build, but they have developed numerous accomplishments from these setbacks. Some of those accomplishments include, the development of CNC head packages, Cams, Blocks, Cranks & Hard Back race bearings. XRC has hopes of reaching 2100hp in their 350z with a larger turbo setup. We hope the best for you all!


Currently available is a video of their 7.32@191mph pass on gasoline power, however, a 6.72 @ 212  has also been achieved on gasoline. Via, (7.32@191mph)