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Yes, it has been done! Setting another Track Record!

With the still fittingness of his 25x8.5 M&H Drag Slicks, Matthew Pelto's 1998 Maxima GXE, touched down an Astonishing 12.222@116.63mph at the Maryland INT'L Raceway this weekend. To make such a result Matthew used a arrangement of settings which included:


  • Slicks at 13psi
  • Launching at an incredible 4k RPM
  • Spraying 35Shot of Dry Nitrous System from start to finish
  • AGX's Springs cranked up 4front/8rear
  • Front passenger & rear seat taken out
  • Spare and jack taken out
  • Rear tires @45psi

With the Supercharger hitting its 14PSI threshold at redline it was sure to be a great run from the start. On the first two practice runs without Nitrous this amazing machine was able to conjure up a still unbelievably fast 13.0 with 2.0 60's

For more information on this great machine please follow the link below: