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Yet Another Turbo System on the Rise!

Thats right .. finally another kit available for you all, with quite frankly the best price around so far. This kit includes the works, included in the extended story, you will find that this kit is fully customizable to your setup up you currently have. (Ex. You have a Greddy Exhaust installed beforehand, price would be altered for without the exhaust system included)

I would have to say this is the best buy for the money, and there are a couple videos of this setup in the Downloads section of this site.

For more information on how to obtain this turbo setup please contact Harold at or through AOL: hlh0501


Option #1: "No Welding Required"
-T3/T04e hybrid turbo from turbonetics
-Deltagate wastegate
-Custom 30" wide front mount to fit without body mods
-Exhaust to the turbo pipe(MANDREL BENT)
-Intercooler piping(MANDREL BENT)
-Oil pan tap for oil return line
-A'PEXi Blow off valve (other brands available)
-Full exhaust from turbo out (2.5" MANDREL BENT to highflow cat, then 3" MANDREL BENT all the way out to a new muffler)
*this kit would require you to purchase your own guages, hoses, fittings, etc. This is a kit for people who want to customize their setup somewhat without having a shop weld it all.

Option #2: Turbo Kit
-Everything included in the kit above (turbo,wastegate,intercooler,all piping,full exhaust,bov,oilpan tap)
-Vortech Fuel pressure riser
-Autometer boost and a/f guages
-Blitz Turbo Timer (also shows temp and volt)
-All fittings and hoses to complete the turbo install
-Exhaust wrap for pipes to keep cold air in the air pipes

Things that make us difference from other turbo kits: We use a hybrid turbo for faster spool time but same output, we use mandrel bending on EVERY bend, we include tapping of oil pan for return oil(core charge on swap if needed)

No weld kit: $3410 ***
Full turbo kit: $3940 ***
Install: FREE in Kentucky, or, do it yourself

*** prices not confirmed yet, subject to change!!!

Other things to note: boost is adjustable via the wastegate, and any components of this system can be customized to your need before ordering. currently only available for 5spd's , until I get an automatic buyer willing to come to bowling green (discount possible for being the first)

(heat wrap is pictured, pipes can be powdercoated instead)

Front Mounted Intercooler pic