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Ypipe Install

Accidents happen, PLEASE USE CAUTION, allow the exhaust system to cool before working on the car.


Get the car up enough on your jack stands or lift so that their is enough room to pull the factory pipe out from under the car. Spraying some Liquid Wrench or Wd-40 onto all of the 13 bolts we are going to be working with on this install will ease the removal process. These bolts haven't been touched since the car had been manufactured so they will be a little tough. Remove the heat shield covering the front header to expose the front ypipe portion a little better (not shown). Remove the 12 bolts securing the factory Y-pipe to the headers and cat. Before the whole system can come down you must first remove the center bracket assembly which is held to the body with two(2) 14mm bolts, then the whole piece should come down with a slight tug.





Now that you've successfully removed your factory ypipe (wasnt too bad, huh?) you may begin swapping over gaskets/replacing gaskets and bring that new setup under the car. I would suggest starting out with the rear bank first and finishing off with the ypipe/cat connection. Reason being is because the system is so tightly constructed there is no room for adjustment and installing the front bank first would result in.. (see picture). Secure the front two flanges, rear ypipe/cat flange, and finish off with the factory bracket. Mission Complete...