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Z32 MAF Install


The Z32 MAF should have 6 pins. Looking at the DIAGRAM BELOW, A&F are not used. B goes to the WHITE wire from the ECU, it's the 0v-5v signal. C&D I attached to the BLACK GND wire from the ECU. E is the other wire that is a 12v signal once the key is turned into the ON position. These were for my 1997 maxima. Your wire colors may be different, but the signal to the MAF is the same. If you follow the diagram below, you'll be fine



A (No wire) = not used
B (White) = A32 White (Signal Wire)
C (Black) = A32 Black (Ground)
D (Orange) = A32 Black (Ground)
E (Black/White) = A32 Red (Power)
F (No Wire) = not used

The J30 and the Z32 MAF both have the same sensor, just different harness connectors. The Z32 connector has two extra unused pins. Sometimes you can save money if the junkyard dealer doesn't realize that the J30 MAF is the same as the Z32.