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FlipFlop Trunk

You need 10mm socket, metal drill bit set with a good drill, self tapping screws, 2 hinges, 2 latches, and a friend to help you out when you get tired of drilling or holding the trunk lid up on your back...and yes you need the winnie the pooh blanket to protect your car when you lay the trunk lid down and metal shavings go everywhere.

Building the Bulge Mesh Grill for 97-99

Some have commented on Dremeling out the vertical slats in the grill openings but that is entirely up to you. If the grill mesh is painted silver your eye will not see the slats underneath. The only time you'll ever see them is when you are up really close or when the sun shines from a certain angle. If the grill mesh is painted black you will definitely see the slats which defeats the purpose of the grill mesh. The mesh just disappears.

Adding 2001 Mistubishi Galant Spoiler

NOTE: Use General Judgment (a.k.a Common Sense) when doing modifications like these. This is just what I did to install this spoiler on my car so I am not liable for you drilling a hole in your car or messing something up OK! If you cannot attempt to do this take it to a body shop where they have more experience with fitment issues and putting parts on cars!



1995-1996 Nissan Maxima custom mesh install

I went out and bought Gutter Guard from Home Depot to use as mesh. I also painted the mesh so it would not tarnish. Also get some zip ties.

1. Remove the grill from the car by taking out 2 (vertical) screws (or clips) which connect to the headlight assembly. Then rotate 3 more (horizontal) clips with a flat head 45 degrees, 2, which connect to the headlight assemblies, and 1 to the hood latch support.