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Install an 07 Spoiler

You will need the following:
1. Power Drill
2. Play-Doh
3.Drill Bit Set
4. Measuring tape.
5. Blue tape if you are doing it alone.
6. Heavy Duty 16 Gauge wire kit (You will only need about 1 1/2 feet)
7. Black Electric tape
8. Regular metal hanger/ 3/16 rope

Chrome Roof Strip Removal

First you pop the trunk and there is ONE screw for each side that holds the rear plastic/chrome piece on. Once you take that screw out, you can carefully pop that one piece out.


That's how it looks removed.

Now in the front you take off the black plastic thing by the windshield

2009 Maxima Side Mirrors Install

Ok so the 7th gen mirrors do fit our cars with a bit of modification. I will run through the process that I used for the install.

The holes for the new mirrors do not match up so all 3 need to be re-drilled. I basically held the mirrors up where it needed to sit and marked the holes and drilled them through. Also there's a small plastic clip that needs to be removed, it helps hold the tweeter cover in place but also keeps the new mirrors from sitting flush.