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Front Fascia Removal

Disclaimer : I take no responsibility for harm done to individuals or components as a result of this installation or misuse of this information. If you have read over the following tutorial and are still uncomfortable completing this installation, CONTACT ME and I will help answer your questions or try to direct you to an experienced installer who can assist you.

This DIY was made exclusively for

Here are instructions for how to remove your front bumper fascia, or what many of you simply know as the front bumper of your car.

GTR Push Start Button

It doesn't get much easier than this!

First step was to pop the plastic piece on side off

Second is to pop off the plastic piece on the bottom of the steering wheel. Left side first!

Splash Guard Installation

Well, I finally took some time to add my splash guards and some aftermarket mud flaps. First you need to get some generic car mud flaps. The ones I bought where from autozone made by highland park for $9 a pair. I ordered my splash guards from for about $120. It comes with all the screws and snap pins you will need but no directions. I started with the rear section first. You will need to remove the rear wheels (This will make you job a lot easier, since no room for a screw driver between wheel and fender).

Installing Sportwing moldings

This is a How to install Sportwing moldings. I have used them on multiple vehicles in the past and this company has an excellent product. You order them with the color code and they paint them for you.

Where to purchase:
Yes, there are some molding companies on eBay, but do you want to risk inferior products on your pride & joy, especially to save a few dollars? hell no. These aren't really expensive anyway.