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Z32 MAF on Supercharged Maxima

So I've been asked to do a write-up on how to make the Z32 MAF setup work with the JWT ECU + 370cc Injectors while Supercharged on the charged side.

With the Z32 MAF on the charged side and stock Stillen piping the car idles horribly, bucks hard when cold, and is generally not drivable.

The Stock Stillen piping doesn't work well with this setup. After spending a year trying to figure out if it was compressor surge, vacuum leak, etc, etc it turned out the reason (And solution) is quite simple.

I needed 3" Piping.

Z32 MAF Install

The Z32 MAF should have 6 pins. Looking at the DIAGRAM BELOW, A&F are not used. B goes to the WHITE wire from the ECU, it's the 0v-5v signal. C&D I attached to the BLACK GND wire from the ECU. E is the other wire that is a 12v signal once the key is turned into the ON position. These were for my 1997 maxima. Your wire colors may be different, but the signal to the MAF is the same. If you follow the diagram below, you'll be fine



Sunroof Service Procedure

The sunroof rebuild kit costs about $43 (which it seems that the dealerships are trying to make a killing on unsuspecting Maxima owners charging anywhere from $500 on up over $1000 to do what I did I'd say this is a $150 job at the most).

Here are the pics:

At this point, everything needs to come out of the roof including the lining. The rear seat, the plastic covers for all of the pillars, visors, the rear view mirror, the 3 interior handles and the interior lights were removed to drop the roof liner.

Speed Limiter Removal

The ECU monitors the transmission mounted speed sensor to determine vehicle speed. When the vehicle speed limit is reached, the ECU cuts the fuel flow to the engine to slow the car.

The signal path for the vehicle speed sensor is as follows:

Sensor to Speedometer
Speedometer to ECU & Cruise Control

Override cruise control auto shut off

Basically this is a mod that short-circuits the Cruise control relay that requires you to turn on the toggle switch on your dash to the left of the steering column...

What you'll need:
1. A couple inches of 14-gauge wire (16 or 18 might work, but I didn't want to risk the wire melting)

2. A couple crimp-on flat spade connectors

What to do:

Attach the spade connectors to either end of your wire, like this:

One touch feature on sunroof

Installing the one touch feature on 95-99 Maximas using the AutoLoc WC1000 requires you to
change the polarity of the sunroof motor. This is because the motor runs of of a
negative trigger and the WC1000 uses a positive trigger. This will present some
problems. The sunroof motor will get confused in a certain position due to the

Hella Triple Air Horns Install

Installation was actually rather simple but did require some fabrication to
get everything hooked up and working. Only a short piece of 3/4" by 1/8" steel
and some aluminum angle was needed for mounting everything. However, understand
that horn kits don't ship with wiring or connectors, so plan on making several
trips to the Radio Shack to get what you need. I suggest 10 or 12 gauge wire
(with an inline 20 amp fuse) for the compressor circuit, while any 14-16 gauge
wire will handle the switching tasks. You'll need to tap into the stock horn