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Install the USA Spec iPod/iPhone Interface

A note: There are many ways to attach an iPod or iPhone to your car. I saw the USA Spec kit as the best option for several reasons: it lets you control your iPod/iPhone from the stereo and steering wheel (as well as still using the iPod click wheel), it charges your iPod/iPhone, and the sound quality is unparalleled. This How To is written for someone who has very little experience working on their car. I wrote it this way on purpose. If you live in Austin or San Antonio, I would be happy to help you with this install for free.

Bose Woofer Cut Off Fix For 2000 Maxima

I've read several threads that deal with the intermittent and sometimes terminal Bose woofer cut off problem, woofer stops working. Some have identified what was thought to be the cause of the problem; little black box shorted, bad connectors, amp not working, and etc. All are good probable causes but none seemed to really nail down the problem and in turn provide a repair that absolutely corrected the problem without removing or modifying parts or having the problem return.