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Glass and Shock sensor to your Factory Theft deterrent system

Most Maximas come with a theft deterrent system which will sound the horns and flash
the lights if a door/hood/trunk is opened without the key. However this doesn't do
much good if someone breaks a window or jacks up the car to steal your wheels.
Adding a Shock sensor will trigger the factor alarm in the event that a window is
broken or the car tampered with and they are very inexpensive (I think I paid $8.00

Factory Alarm Beep

Make your 4th gen Maxima beep when the alarm is turned on for less than $10. If you don't like to watch the alarm turn on but would rather hear it turn on then this mod is for you.


Basically, there's relay (multi-remote control relay) in the trunk which flashes the corner lights when the alarm is turned on. We're going to buy a cheap $3 buzzer, another $4 relay, and attach it to this MCR relay so that the car beeps. Hear it for yourself:


1995 - 1999 Maxima Manumatic

1. General Overview

If you can install a car alarm, you can install this kit. However, if you make a mistake, it may render your car undriveable. Please take your time and following all the test procedures listed in the installation guide.