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Replace seals on Vortech Blower

So upon installation of the kit, my car developed a small oil leak that turned worse as time passed. It started after installing the supercharger, so I tried everything possible. I replaced sandwich plate & fittings, feed line fitting and eventually after pulling the blower, I saw that it was not coming from the drain back tube or seal on the drain back nipple. The drain back tube was not kinked either.

So this is about 2 months of driving with the leaking seal...

Walbro GSS342 (High Pressure 255lph) fuel pump Install

Why Needed?: If you want more than 65HP in nitrous, or do a major supercharger/turbo upgrade.

Price: It can be picked up for $85 shipped, look around on the net (i.e. eBay) for performance shops and e-mail them directly with an offer.

Performance Potential: This pump will handle all of your upgrade needs pushing well over 100psi-enough for well over 400BHP.

Fitment Issues: This unit is the pump ONLY and will require the use of the stock pump housing and filter. It is nearly* a direct plug-in replacement for our stock pump.

VIAS fix

VIAS stands for Variable Intake Air System. It is made up of a power rod going through your intake manifold that holds a series of butterfly valves. A solenoid turns the rod at 5000 rpm to open the valves to allow the engine to breathe better. Nissan VIAS video link.

The VIAS system is 100% of the reason 5th gen maximas have higher horsepower than 4th gen. All the 4th gen guys lust after VIAS intakes and buy them when they can.