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2k2-3 Urethane Motor Mount Swap

This install guide only applies to the 2002-03 6-Speed Maxima. Although these directions may apply to other models, I do not have experience with any other model. Author is not responsible for installation woes - perform this install at your risk.

Unless you can afford 3-4 days of downtime, get new or used front and rear motor mounts. Drill a hole into the center of both of the mounts just below the center bolt. You may want to drill two holes so that it?s easier to get the Windo-Weld in there. Do the same to the pocket above the center bolt.


2002-2003 Spark Plug Writeup

This is a pretty simple swap, unfortunately, lifting the intake manifold is required to pull the coil pack in the rear. Taking your intake/air box off is not necessary but is HIGHLY recommended. I wouldn't try it without removing it.

Start be removing the engine cover by unscrewing the top 4 Allen type screws. Go ahead and remove the 3 coil packs with a 10mm socket wrench. Use a 12" with a spark plug socket and swap your plugs. You can use anti-seize on the thread if you want so it would get stuck in the future.