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Removal of Upper Intake Manifold

Tools needed
-10mm socket or wrench
-12mm socket AND wrench
-14mm socket or wrench (only if you have a FSTB)
-needle nose pliers and/or pliers
-patience and finger strength for the clamps/harnesses

1.) First you have to remove the engine cover.

2.) If you have a FSTB, then you will have to remove both strut covers and the strut bar itself. 14mm socket or wrench will be needed to remove the FSTB

3.) Now you may as well start with the more difficult the rear of the manifold-this will be the left side...or passenger side.

Kinetix intake manifold on 04 Maxima

The procedure for removing the OEM intake and replacing it with the Kinetix was fairly straightforward. With basic hand tools, I did the job at a casual pace in under 2 hours.

Tools needed:
allen wrench (supplied with manifold)
10mm, 12mm, and 14mm wrenches and sockets
flat blade screw driver

1. Disconnect battery and remove engine cover with allen wrench