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2pc 7th Gen Thermal Phenolic Spacers Install and Throttle Body Bypass

This is an install thread explaining how to install the CXJ PERFORMANCE 2pc 7th Generation Maxima Thermal Phenolic Spacers as well as how to do a Throttle Body Bypass. First I’d like to thank you Cory for making a quality product for the newer Maximas. I think everyone agrees that there aren't enough aftermarket modifications available for this generation so kudos to you for paving the way with the first 7th Generation Maxima Thermal Phenolic Spacer kit.

CoryXavier BOP (Block-Off Plate) Install

For those who are curious about trying it or want help installing here is a step by step. I'll update in the future with my results after testing and will only post my initial impressions for now.

The Block Off Plates themselves are well made, and they don't look like they were rushed at all care went into each set. The set also comes with 8 black Torx T-25 screws that are shorter than the OEM ones which you need to install, and two blue caps to cover the spots that you disconnect the VIAS assembly from.