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Always Illuminated Clock

Warning: This procedure is very dangerous, you can very easily screw up your wiring. The key to doing this is taking your time and looking everything over twice before doing it.

If you want the clock display to remain at high intensity when the lights are on...

Remove rear Speakers

WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car.
Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when
it comes tools that use electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!

Tools needed: Metric wrench set (10mm), Phillips head screwdriver, pliers.

Redline Goods Leather boots install

1) Remove the shift knob (unscrews counter clockwise), pull up the shifter trim starting form the rear. There are 4 clips total. Finally unplug the 12-volt ACC outlet.
2) Take the old boot out of the shifter trim. Notice the stock boot has a ring, rubber band, and spacer/shaper thing. I didn't use them with the new boot.

Indiglo Gauges

1. Remove the screws of the upper Dashboard
2. Take out the whole set of dashboard & disconnect the back wire cluster.
3. Remove the transparent plastic cover of the dashboard.
4. Remove all the screws from the original gauge face.
5. Carefully slide in the luminous digits onto the surface of the original gauges without removing the gauges needles.
6. Re aim at the luminous dial and screw back. (do not over tight to avoid short circuit)
7. Carefully put the transparent plastic cover back.

95/96 to 97-99 Steering Wheel Swap

Alright, after tons of research on this subject, it would seem as though it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to actually complete the 95/96 to 97-99 steering wheel swap without any troubles. Of course, there are some, but the swap is actually fairly easy once you know whats going on. For those of you who have thought about trying this swap it truely is fairly easy. I know many have run into problems and thought the only way to make this swap work was to replace more than just the steering wheel, but here is your way around it.