Install a 350Z Dead Pedal

This is one CRUDE way to install this, so don't believe this is the BEST or ONLY way!


How to remove rear deck and sound deaden it

How to remove rear deck and sound deaden it

1. Remove bottom seat cushion from rear seats by pulling on the two clips under the seat and lifting the seat in and out.

 2. You will see that there is two parts of the seat-backs that do not fold out of the way, they are on either ends of the seats right next to the doors.  There is one screw at the bottom of these cushions that holds it in place, unscrew it and slide the cushion up to free it. 

2K2 Shift Console Install on 2K-2K1 M/T ONLY

Parts Required: $78.xx + shipping includes console with shift boot, silver ring, and ashtray/ashtray light. Call David Burnette (Nissan Parts Guru) (888)254-6060.


Tools Required: (1)Philips and (2)Slot screw drivers.

2k2 AE Pedals

You can purchase these from The two piece set costs $39. I feel it gives the car a more sporty look as opposed to the stock black rubber 2K2 pedals.

"Joshua Tree Woodtrim" Dash Kit

A "Joshua Tree Woodtrim" Walnut Burlwood 41 Piece Flat Panel Dash Kit can be purchased from The 41 piece set costs $400. In my opinion it makes the car look a lot more luxurious and classy then the original dash.

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