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Removing Center Console

Here are step-by-step instructions to taking apart your dash to either get to the stereo, or the LED screen. I take no responsibility for these instructions or any damage this may cause to your vehicle. Follow at your own risk! Enjoy!

Package Deck Removal

The stock speakers on the 04 Max just don't cut it for me, so I decided to take apart the rear deck and swap them out with a pair of 6X9s I had sitting around. I'm planning something with more punch in the future, but I figured I might as well learn how to remove the little thumpers now, and it wouldn't hurt to put something better than paper cones while I save.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but it's not nearly as hard as you would imagine. I took some for those that may want reference shots before they start ripping up trim.

Fix armrest rattle

The center console has a pop up function, (annoying to me but that's out of the point) when the console pad is in the up position, it becomes a little weak since most of the pressure is put onto it is a the front part and forces the back to try to hold in place all the weight. The cushion pad is held in place by four (4) screws, one in each corner and after so much work the rear screws seem to fall or become very loose making this pop up jiggle more than usual. You can fix it yourself or get the dealer to fix it under warranty as I did.

Center Console Disassembly

Step 1: Remove shifter knob - Shifter knob is made of two parts, the leather handle, and the lower aluminum-looking cone-shaped piece. Grasp the cone-shaped lower piece, rotate counter-clockwise and pull down at the same time to release from shifter handle. Once this is done, there is a small gold clip holding the handle in place, remove this and handle will slide off, remove this as cone-shaped piece.