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Remove rear deck lid/seat

** DIY disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form, responsible for any damage (to the car, part, wiring or your person) that may occur in the process of completing this mod. **

I recommend, I didn't however, that you disconnect the battery to avoid setting off the airbags.

Sound Deadening for your 2009 Max

Tools you will need:
10 mm Socket wrench
Small headed flat head screwed driver
Razor knife
Small roller
Drill with a Phillips head piece
Great stuff
Threshold for pain

Well I decided to sound deaden most of my 09' Maxima. I'm still in the works of doing so and will update when I can. So I'm here to tell you how to do things, what not to do and how not to screw up like I did. Lol.

Drivers Seat Filter Replacement

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you screw this up. Its really really really hard to do, but its your own fault if you do. This is just for reference.

I decided to change the filter in the drivers seat this weekend.

It is recommended in the owners manual that it be replaced every 15K and at the price the dealer wanted, more on that in a minute, it seems absurd.