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Rewire sidemarker to blink

1) Find the blinker
(on 4th gen, remove blinker and marker assembly, on 2k just remove side markers)

2) Find the power for the blinker ( green wire )

3) Tap a wire long enough to reach side marker ( use best judgement )
on 2k you will need to pass this wire through to the marker somehow. find a hole

4) Cut the ground on the marker (Black wire)

5) Connect the wire tapped from blinker to the ground that goes TO the marker.

Retrofit HID's w/o projectors

I did an HID retro using the shielded bulb holder assembly from a 2003 Volvo V70R wagon. Basically I took apart the Volvo headlights to get the shielded holder, bulb and ballast. The 4th gen headlights needed to be taken apart, the existing shield taken out and the hole for the bulb had to be made larger to accept the Volvo assembly.

The results were a descent set of HID's with no glare and good beam down on the road. A few guys on here have asked for pics so here goes.

Replacing Headlight Bulbs

Supplies Need:
Bulb No. 9004 Wattage 65/45 -- If using higher wattage, a wiring harness is needed to keep from melting. Available at SouthWestAutoworks


High pressure Halogen gas is sealed inside the Halogen bulb. The bulb may break if the glass envelope is scratched or the bulb is dropped. Hold the plastic base when handling the bulb. Never Touch the Glass envelope.

Rear fog light

WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car.
Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when
it comes tools that use electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!


Match your Clock to your Interior Lights

1. Go to you local party store and purchase some cellophane paper. The color u are looking for is magenta or red. Now all u need is a very small quantity so buy at little as u can. Luckily it was on sale and I was able to purchase a whole role for $1.

2. Remove the clock from Your car and bring it in the house where u can easily work on it.

Independent Fog light Rewire

This is not the same as the fog light rewire which taps into the corner light. This only requires 3-4 inches of wire, which does not leave the fuse box. This is very simple and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to do.

**NOTE: Some people mentioned tapping into the ORANGE wire going into the wiper relay. THIS IS INCORRECT. your fog lights will work the same way, except for when your windshield wipers are on, which will cause your fog lights to go out!! Those of you that wired your fogs light this way may want to turn on your windshield wipers and see for themselves!!**


How to "red-out" your tails (especially for 95/96 owners!)

I've explained this a lot of times but i thought I'd write a clean explanation on how to "red-out" your tails. This really goes out to all the 95/96 owners who want to at least get rid of the ugly ambers on their tails. This process requires some effort but is worth it in the end. There are 2 ways to red them out... using red tape or painting them. This is how to use the tape. Of course the real red/clears look great but this is a pretty simple $3 cosmetic mod!

Things you need: