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Rewire sidemarker to blink

1) Find the blinker
(on 4th gen, remove blinker and marker assembly, on 2k just remove side markers)

2) Find the power for the blinker ( green wire )

3) Tap a wire long enough to reach side marker ( use best judgement )
on 2k you will need to pass this wire through to the marker somehow. find a hole

4) Cut the ground on the marker (Black wire)

5) Connect the wire tapped from blinker to the ground that goes TO the marker.

How-to Make Custom Headlights (AE)



Flat-head Screw Driver

High-temp Engine Spray Paint

Masking Tape


Help from Y2kSESteve :)


1.  Remove the bulbs from the Headlight Assembly, and then remove the assembly itself from the car.  Information on removing the headlights has been taken off of this how-to due to the thefts.

2002 Orange headlight reflector removal

This page is a How to on clearing out that ugly orange blinker lens within the 02-03 maxima headlight housing. If you choose to use a clear lens (and not just leave the lens out) on your headlight, i suggest you buying a package of malibu 11 watt sealed beams (P/N:ML11P2) found at home depot in the outdoor lighting section. They are shown below: