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Headlight Clearing DIY

Materials needed :

OEM headlight
Florescent light cover from Home Depot
sandpaper 60 grit to 100 grit
Clamps ( 2- 4 )
Knife or Flathead screwdriver

ok lets begin ... I took the headlights off and I took the HID ballast and the D2S bulbs out of them and place them away from the heat. I didn't use an oven instead used a heat gun letting me have more control .

Wiring Sidemarkers/LED mirrors

For UK laws, my car was fitted with LED side markers. This info should be great for anyone looking to do an LED mirror or side markers.

1. The first step would be to remove the front bumper. By doing so you can expose the wiring that leads to the headlights.
2. Locate the green wire on the driver side. The passenger side is green and yellow.
3. Back the headlights you can find two bolts. You can use either of the two bolts for a ground.

OEM HID Projector Retrofit

I have had some people ask me for pictures of how I put the e55 bi-xenon projectors into my halogen housings. I haven't been able to until this morning when I had to take one of them apart because of some condensation. I'm not very good at how-to's but maybe the pictures will help explain a little better. Just to be clear, I did this on my 2007 Maxima. I'm sure that the older 6th gen's would basically be the same but I am not certain.

LED Tailight Replacement

Instructions on how to replace stock taillight bulbs with LED's (or can be followed for regular bulb replacement)


I bought these particular bulbs from it's the Light Tower II. I've tried out many different bulbs and these finally work.

20 Powerful Wide Angle Oval LEDS

These Bulbs have Advanced Patent Pending Control Circuitry Found in no Other LED Bulbs

Driving/Fog light Rewire

The key to this install is find the wire (negative ground) on the stalk that controls the lights. Here is the deal, the ground isn't active until the headlights are activated in return provides the ground for the coil on the relay. The two positives on the relay are always hot. We can get past that by putting a relay on the stalk that activates ground when the driving/fog light switch on the stalk is activated. (Please beware that the lights will be on when the high beams are activated).


Relay Location

Clear Step Lights

This is a fairly simple modification, head to your local Nissan Dealership and purchase the Armada/Murano Clear step light lens. The install is very simple with a small flathead screw driver popping out the red lens in the slotted area and just popping in the new clear set in their place.

Bulb Chart



shift panel and floor lights WLED 6-LED bulb
License plate WLED 6-LED bulb
Ignition 74 Wedge Base LED bulb
Dome and map lights 3022-x4 LED Festoon bulb



Body Color Headlight Assembly

The first step is to remove the grill. The plastic fasteners are easy to remove. If you have two small flat blade screwdrivers, like I didn't have, you put each one on one side of the center part and pull it up. Then grab it and pull the whole fastener out. Put the grill aside somewhere where you won't step on it.