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How to remove LED blinker from side mirror

** DIY disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form, responsible for any damage (to the car, part, wiring or your person) that may occur in the process of completing this mod. **

Source Credit: member thealliance43

Here's Your basic 09 mirror. From here you take a small (tiny) flat head screw driver and take off the face plate. There is just clips, no screws holding it in.

Remove Your Tail Lights

Just a quick write-up on Tail Light Removal

As always be careful and take your time. I am not responsible if you damage anything.

1. Remove the carpet lining. This involves removing several "push pin" things. It's pretty straight forward if you look at it.

2. Remove the wire holder clips from the bolts:

Bake and Open Headlights

Disclaimer : I take no responsibility for harm done to individuals or components as a result of this installation or misuse of this information. If you have read over the following tutorial and are still uncomfortable completing this installation, CONTACT ME and I will help answer your questions or try to direct you to an experienced installer who can assist you.