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Tint Tail lights

Here are the supplies you will need:

~7oz. Can of Nite Shades Tail Light Paint
~Dish Soap
~Masking Tape
~Steady Hands
~Cotton Towel
~Paper Towel

Smoked Bumper Lights

First you need to have a pair of bumper lens'. You can use either the clear ones or you orange ones. If you want to only put a light coat then you have to purchase clear bumper lens' as well as amber bulbs. If you want it nice and dark then it doesn't matter which ones you use. Once your set on that, all you need to purchase is the lens paint. I bought mine from for about $20 shipped. Its called something like "smoke tail lamp spray". It comes in a small aerosol can.

Painting your Wheels

What you will need
-Tire iron is handy but not necessary
-Duplicolor wheel paint in the color you choose (I used one can of "Graphite" for four wheels)
-Duplicolor wheel paint in clear
-Aircraft stripper ($4 can at Autozone)
-Plastic scraper (I actually just used some of those plastic knives they give you for cutting cakes)
-Wheel brush with plastic bristles (comes in handy)
-Masking tape
-Index cards (I used 3x5)
-400 grit sandpaper


Make your own super-bright map & dome lights

The theory is simple, and can be applied to just about any other car with 12V leads. So, let's get started!

- 100 led's of your color choice
- 37-ohm resistors (available in packs of 5 from Radio Shack)
- Soldering Iron
- Rosin
- Flux
- Copper Braid (for $%^&-ups...great to have)
- About 1ft. of 22ga. wire
- PCB (available from Radio Shack)
- Dremel or other rotary cutting tool
- 9V Battery
- 560-ohm (or greater) resistor