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Lowering Spring Installation

PRODUCT: Eibach Suspension Springs Pro Kit 6369.140 with 2.0" drop in front & 0.8" drop in rear
REAR END: 20-30 minutes
Tools needed: Air rachet or air gun, 18mm socket 3/4" open wrench & adjustable floor jack. These instructions are based on having a hydraulic lift but can be performed with a simple jack and jackstands in the driveway.

Eibach Suspension Noise Fix

Similar to our clunky and rattling suspension fix this how-to will eliminate the popping sounds in your suspension with Eibach Springs. I wasn't sure if anyone was still having issues with their Eibach springs or not but I finally found the cause for some of us having problems. I noticed that almost everyone that had issues with the springs had the same story. Basically everyone started having problems about 1-2 weeks after installation. Once the springs are installed they tend to settle a little, and this is where the problem starts.

Altima SE-R front sway bar

Well, after all the trials and tribulations of installing a part never installed before, I'm finally finished. I took the car for a test drive. Clearly, the car does not lean at all. VERY flat handling, and very nice tracking through a turn. I like the tighter feel in a corner, yet no adverse effects on the straight. That's the beauty of stiffer sway bars. For $91 and 2-4 hours of time, I say money well spent.

The bar weighs 1 1/2 pounds more than the OEM bar and is 2mm thicker. This may not seem like much, but its significantly stiffer when going through a turn.