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Valve Body Install

As with anything else, use common sense when working on your vehicle. I am not responsible for anything you mess up your car during installation. This page was set up to help with installation, nothing more.


Installing a Qualife Differential

Disclaimer these are only instructions, I am not liable for your Mistakes that may lead to any accidents, death or serious injury. The transmission weighs well over 100Lbs, if you cant lift it be very careful and ask for assistance. Be safe and read carefully prior to disassembling.

Prior to installing the qualife you will need the following items:

Drop Resistor Mod

This mod forces the transmission to shift at FULL Line Pressure at all times the switch is on.

A WOT (Wide Open Throttle) switch is best suited for this purpose because the part throttle shifts are extremely harsh and could damage the transmission.

Ok here is where the drop resistor is located. Front side of the drivers side strut tower.

Clutch and Flywheel Install

Parts that I replaced:
-OEM Axle Seals: 38342-81X00 (driver side) 38342-81X01 (passenger side)
-Throwout Bearing
-Clutch (I used a 5th gen setup)
-Stillen Lightened Flywheel
-Obviously a tranny. I used my old ’95 tranny with 108k. (My current car has 180k)
-Amsoil synthetic GL-4 tranny fluid. Pricey but recommended. Bought from talkinghorse (Ed) in the group deals. Great service.


6-speed Swap

02+ 6spd maxima transmission. Sentra spec-v will also work (if you use maxima bell housing)
5.5 gen 6spd maxima shifter assembly
5.5 gen 6spd maxima shifter cables
6spd drivers side axle
6spd pass axle*
6spd frame trans mount
6spd transmission mount
6spd flywheel
6spd clutch
5spd timing ring
6spd starter
6spd slave cylinder