NWP Engineering Thermal Intake Spacer Kits for the 00-01 Maxima!

NWP Engineering is proud to finally announce the release of the 00-01 Nissan Maxima Hardware Kit! This kit will allow you to install the 95-99 Maxima Thermal Intake Spacers on your 00-01 Intake Manifold.

***Cattman VQ30DE Headers***

The new Cattman header/downpipe sets for the VQ30DE Maxima/I30 are ready and should arrive at our warehouse on Thursday. Although they will fit all VQ30DE engines, the O2 ports are set up for all 1995-1998 Maximas/I30s, and 1999-2001 Federal emissions. They do not have the O2 sensor ports for the 1999-2001 Maximas/I30s with CA/NLEV emissions (but the next batch will include these elements).

Exedy Stage 1 Clutches for '84-'01 Maximas

EXEDY racing clutches with organic friction materials utilize only premium materials to provide maximum resistance to slippage and burst. EXEDY organic clutches can also handle modified engines due to the increased clamp loads. Drivability with EXEDY organic clutches is similar to that of stock clutches. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher due to the higher clamp loads.

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