02-03 NWP Engine Torque Link Bracing Kit

Prevent engine movement during racing to reduce wheel hop,
increase traction, and improve shift feel!

Our adjustable Engine Torque Link connects the front engine mount to the chassis.
It features opposing threads to make adjustments easy!
All you have to do is turn the hex bar to increase or decrease engine stiffness.

02-05 Nissan Maxima STS2 Short Throw Shifter

ActiveTuning is proud to offer the finest short throw shifters currently available for the 2002+ Nissan Sentra, Altima, and Maxima. Each piece of the STS2 transmission linkage short throw shifter is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum to exacting tolerances, and then hand assembled for a perfect fit. This shifter is easily installed onto the transmission in under an hour with simple hand tools, and reduces the fore and aft throw by 37% for fast, smooth shifts.

Arnaud (Car of the Month January 2002)

Ok, all the way from the Tri-State area we have the one and only Arnaud making a showing on VQpower for the Month of January. The car has an array of Lighting, Audio, and Performance mods that make it an all around car for show and riding around with the bass up. I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...

Pablo (Car of the Month Dec 2002)

Its a new month and a new car, and what a NEW car, its got power, looks, and the MOJO to drop the ladies to their knees.
This car is very clean and sure does a number for power with as much performance modifications that have been put into this beast of a car. Read on...

Engine Performance

2002-2003 Maxima Y pipes are in production now!

WarpSpeed Performance out of Avoca, Arkansas has come with one of the true performance parts for the Nissan Maxima. One of the most restrictive areas in the Nissan exhaust system is the y-pipe, it carries the load of two, yes, TWO catalysts, which not only are big but hold the car from the additional 6-7 potential horsepower hp (4th generation test results) that it has.

RVM Racing - Nissan Maxima 1995-2002 Lightened Underdrive Crank Pulley

The Pulley is both Oversized to Under-Drive the stock accessory pulley?s and severely lightened for a maximum HP gain. This upgrade that has no downsides, no extra noise, no riding harshness, all you gain is Horsepower. Gains of 6-8 HP at the wheels can be easily measured on Normally Aspirated cars and as much as 7-16 HP at the wheels on Turbocharged Cars. Our Main Crankshaft Pulley?s are easily compatible with other manufacturers Power Steering and Air Conditioner Lightened Pulley Replacements as well.

JMS Products Inc. Custom CNC Grille Design

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