*NEW* 95-03 Subframe Collars

This product release is something that has been tested and developed for a while. It is an 8 piece set of front subframe reinforcement collars. The subframe on the Maxima has long been ignored, but is critical in properly transmitting power to the tires as well as locating the suspension components to maintain alignment geometry.

02-03 NWP Engine Torque Link Bracing Kit

Prevent engine movement during racing to reduce wheel hop,
increase traction, and improve shift feel!

Our adjustable Engine Torque Link connects the front engine mount to the chassis.
It features opposing threads to make adjustments easy!
All you have to do is turn the hex bar to increase or decrease engine stiffness.

Diamond Plate Trunk Liner (00-03 Maxima)

CNC cut polished diamond plate inserts that will fit into your trunk. All edges have been hand grinded down to minimize sharp edges but it is recommended that something such as door trim is used along the edges if you are worried about cutting your hands or anything else.


The liner comes in two pieces because one large piece would be very difficult to install and remove from your trunk.It greatly improves the look of an empty trunk without a system or add to the look of a car with a box in place.

2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Wing

Ionic Dynamics has developed a new product that they have just finished. It's a replica of the 5th Gen OEM wing made in Carbon Fiber. It will go nicely with or without a CF trunk. Made of Authentic Carbon Fiber construction, we only use UV protected resins that produce a high gloss finish that will last for years. Pictures installed to come for now, here are some final product pictures:


Finished 2000-2003 RedlineMax Signature Bodykit

The long awaited 5th Generation Redlinemax Signature body kit is finally ready to be sold and to start off the new product, we have some installed pictures on a vehicle (painted pictures will come shortly). We would like to thank George (GBAUER on Maxima.org) for his time and efforts in fitting and tweaking this new bumper on his 2003 Maxima. The final result is a is well structured, strong, easily manageable bumper which awaits a large intercooler placement. For more information on this product please visit Corey at, RedlineMax.com


2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Trunk

This is the first production trunk lid taken out of the mold, it still has to be polished, blaked out and have the edges smoothed. Please note the natural gloss that guarantees a show quality finish..


BlehmCo Lower Tie Bar Systems, Now for 89-2003 Maxima

This part is designed to tie the front suspension together to provide sharper steering response and better handling overall.



Kirk (Car of the Month September 2003)

This car has seen its share of up's and down's but it has been one of those that you would like to see it prosper and keep its dignity. What Kirk did was provided a more pleasurable taste to the scene of modifying an automatic Maxima. I nice little snail under the hood did the trick.. Read on...

Cyrus Mistry (Car of the Month Apr 2003)

Even though on a tight budget Cyrus was able to build this car up to the machine it is today, with its nice styling and its beautiful stance this is first class all the way. Don't be fooled by the shifter its not what you think it is.. I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...


Engine Performance



James Kessell (Car of the Month Feb 2003)

As I was stumbling through the internet I came across this next maxima which seemed to take a drastic face lift. From its Aggressive front end to its subtle but forthcoming rear. The Inside is also a beauty from its nice little gadgets to its very clean stereo system in the trunk! I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...


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